Recent Faculty Scholarship:

James Britton:

Britton, J., (2020). “Joker’s Ideological Becoming: The Limits of Irony in Full Metal Jacket”  A Critical Companion to Stanley Kubrick, ed. Elsa Colombani, published by Lexington Books. Read More

Judy Hood:

Attic Treasure: Flagler's Dream Train (2020) Read More

Nicole Hospital Medina:

"The Bridge," and "A True Account of Talking to the Recently Chopped Up Royal Poinciana (after Frank O'Hara's 'A True Account of Talking to the Sun at Fire Island')." (2022) Juke Joint Magazine,

Ben Lauren:

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Susan Leary:


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Daniel Musgrove: 

“In the Petrified Forest” (2022) Ruminate Magazine Read More

 So I Said I Floss (2022) The Razor Read More

Kirk Nielson: 

“Radio Loco: A Miami reporter’s journal” (2022) Florida Bulldog Read

Samantha Phillips: 

Samantha Phillips is the co-author of Real Girl/Real World: Tools for Finding your True Self (Seal Press. 1998, 2003 new edition). In 2019 she wrote a short film “Meg’s First Dance” that went to the Outshine film festival, Miami short film festival, and Outfest, Los Angeles where it played to an audience at the famous TCL Chinese Theater in Hollywood CA. 

In 2020 she wrote a scene for “Together Alone” a pandemic Zoom Musical that streamed on the 24 Hour Plays and Broadway on Demand. The show raised over $40,000 for the Actors Fund. This show was recommended in the New York Times, People magazine, and more.

Oliver Wallis:

Wallis, O. (2022). The allure of “fail better”: Uses of Beckett's modernist cliche. College Literature, 49(1), 26-52.

Wallis, O. (2022). Writing to analyze: Analyzing a nonprofit’s social media presence. In D. Dabek (Ed.), Civic engagement in the composition classroom: A guide for community-based writing (pp. 57-70). Kendall Hunt Publishing.