Mission Statement

To Provide Services for Students and other Writers in the University Community:

The Writing Center at the University of Miami strives to help all members of the university community learn more about writing and become better writers. Writers at all levels can benefit from sharing their writing with someone who is both knowledgeable and trustworthy, someone who is not grading them or evaluating their work. Our professional and friendly staff of faculty and graduate students will work with you in one-to-one consultations on all stages of the writing process: from note-taking and pre-writing to revision strategies and proofreading techniques.

The Writing Center is a teaching environment. We will work to teach you ways to improve your writing, but we will not proofread or edit your papers for you. (We will, however, teach you how to proofread and edit your own papers.) Our focus is more on helping you improve as a writer, rather than "fixing" the paper you bring in.

To Provide Support for Faculty and the Teaching of Writing:

The Writing Center also offers assistance to faculty who want to add more writing or writing instruction to their syllabi and courses. We offer classroom visits on a variety of writing topics, group workshops throughout the school year, specific types of individualized tutoring upon request, and suggestions for making writing a more central part of a course.



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